The South Road house. 78m2 built for around $160k. Challenging geo technical requirements. The first house designed (adapted & drafted) and built by Eco Projects, completed in 2015. The original design is still freely available from Irish Vernacular who made the ergonomic house for  €25,000 in 50 days. Eco Projects intends to expand the vernacular architecture by providing free plans for eco / affordable houses. Email Peter Grant for a copy of the house plans complying with NZBC.

Scouthall to residence conversion – Tricky due to poor quality of materials of existing building and it’s slack approach to structural integrity . Interesting challenge to transform it into an efficient eco house with passive solar heating and cross ventilation.

Trevor’s new kitchen in the Scouthall conversion, currently under construction

Taaua Construction no 1

SIP, a combination of woodwool sandwich with ply. A prototype method of construction that is affordable and eco friendly. Manafacturactured in Ruakaka the first building is now being constructed in Waipu.

Ahi Wai, Whangarei’s Eco-Neighbourhood. Peter Grant works with the founders to promote sustainable construction and he produced their promotional video.