These web pages give some guidance and outlines to eco building and links to the wealth of online information.

The Red List of materials to avoid

The Green List of good alternatives

Zero energy house – Leading the field in sustainable house construction in NZ

Living Building Tuhoe

Design Information

Free eco-building advice

Design assistance

Dream Green Homes – a source for almost free green building plans

The new brochure “Everything you always wanted to know about Passive Houses in New Zealand” from PHINZ

Porotherm Clay Construction Blocks

Earth Bay Building in Raglan

Northland & National Professionals and Resources

Terra Firma Professional Rammed-earth buiders.

Ahi Wai – Whangarei’s Eco-Neighbourhood

Clint Goldie



The Quarry Arts Centre in Whangarei is a national center for Earth Building. Lots of earth buildings, knowledge and courses. Birthplace of EBANZ Earth building Australia New Zealand

November 2017